Friday, December 14, 2018

Centennial Part 12--Egg-cellent Adventure?

Oh my. This is one of those experiences where the scrapbook just doesn't do it justice. If you can read the rather lengthy journal box on the page you'll see that this was my LEAST favorite park and activity of the entire convention. I'm sure I'll look back and laugh someday. Still not there yet....

This layout is scraplifted from a Club Scrap layout (see layouts 5&6). I had purchased some of the paper on clearance and was able to modify the layout based on what I had on hand. The dark green is actually vellum torn with my CM tearing tool. I think it could easily be mountains or rivers so it works well here. The upper right corner features some old stickers in my stash that had a lake/river theme. I matted them on the dark blue that I used on the horizontal borders for a little more pop.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Centennial Part 11--Franklin Museum

Monday morning I headed to the city again. I was to pick up a passenger to ride with me to several events and her hotel was close to the visitor center. I arrived early and toured the Franklin Museum and associated sites. The updated area is very interactive and I had fun being a kid for a while.

Although this is a wallpaper technique, there is a bit of a twist. Using the Creative Memories Border Maker System, I punched the middles of each side of a piece of paper. This leaves a large box in each corner which I then filled with appropriate stickers and other embellishments. Yes, the same sticker was used in 3 of the 8 corners, but it's so minor I bet you didn't notice it until I pointed it out. There are many different cartridges available for this system, so you can use the technique for a variety of events. The stars here are great for patriotic and military themes, but you could also use it for an evening of camping. It works best if the paper is left solid. Using the jumbo jet cartridge, for example, would be a little trickier as the planes are meant to be detached from the page.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Centennial Part 10--A rainy walk

After the stop at Declaration house and a stop  for a drink at Dunkin Donuts across the street (probably how Jefferson could stay up late writing), I headed to the Independence Visitor Center. One of the scheduled ranger walks was to give an overview of some lesser known buildings and I thought it would be a good way to cap off the evening......On the left you'll see that I stopped outside the visitor center for a shot of our new plaque. The club raised funds to create and mount this plaque to the first NPS Superintendent. At one time all the parks had them but many are lost and some of the newer parks never received a plaque.

On the right is our walk that started out fine but within a block was stopped by a horrendous thunderstorm! Our intrepid guide was protected with a raincoat but the rest of us were not so lucky. We hunkered under the front of the Liberty Bell building and our guide finished her descriptions without the walk. It was rather enjoyable after all! We had someone take a group photo of us as "drowned rats" and I saw a rainbow on the drive back to the hotel so that created the essence of the page.

The layout on the left is a Fast to Fabulous page. The photos were in the "wrong" direction, but to me that just creates space for journaling!

The right side layout isn't fancy, but I wanted a large journaling box to tell the story. I kept the page colors from the left to create harmony--purple matting for the photos, a purple border at the top, and a purple journal box. I added some VERY old silver cloud stickers that with a few raindrops look like thunderclouds. I can't decide which way is "up" on the clouds. Should the darker stripe be on the top or bottom for thunderclouds? Comment below with your thoughts!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Centennial part 9--I Declare!

At the end of the trolley tour it was noted that Declaration House was still open and several of us journeyed down the street to take a tour. This is the home where Jefferson wrote the document and has a few rooms dedicated to how it looked when he lived here.

I don't often do wallpaper with 8 1/2 x 11 paper (in fact I think I've only done it once before during the DC convention), but I thought it would work here. This cardstock is a copy of the Declaration of Independence so I thought it was a great time to use it since I had only a couple of small photos of the house and plaques. This had to be a 1-page layout because the end trolley photo is on the left side. The title at the top is from some letter stickers found in a travel kit. Can you tell I created the second "A" in Declaration from an upside down "u"? I think it works. I really wish I was better at placing square letter stickers in a straight line. I just move too fast sometimes.

Inside we climbed the staircase to view his rooms. The mural on the left below is actually 2 stories tall!  The right photo is an enlargement of his draft with edits all over the place. This is also about 2 stories tall.

I based the left page on this Pinned Image. I then used a F2F page for the right but added some details to make them similar enough for a match. On the left it's an orange base, then 2 slightly smaller squares of coordinating paper. You can see the 3rd square matches the pattern on the right page perfectly. I love the journaling across strips of cardstock. On the right since the paper already matched I just wanted to add a border that mirrored the left page. The blue plaid is from the strip I cut to make the mat on the left. Instead of buttons I chose a plain tab. This would have been a good place for a small title if I needed one but I thought it fine to leave it plain.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Centennial Part 8--End of the line

After lunch we headed to the last 2 stops. First is a small, very old church called Gloria Dei. It is one of the oldest active churches in the US! We didn't get a stamp here, though sometimes it is possible. Instead we obtained the stamp later at the Independence Visitor Center.

I'm not sure why, but I seem to favor yellow pages when I scrapbook about churches. When creating this layout I knew that I wanted to separate the dog reference from the church as it's sort of an add-on humorous bit. I chose a 1/2 page cardstock with a decorative border and then used a full page of the same color on the left page. That became a great background for the photos. I just accented with a few candle stickers. It leaves the informational markers and the dog sign as clear "extras". I thought the dog sticker with paw prints a nice touch!

Our final stop is the smallest unit of the National Park Service. Thaddeus Kosciuszko was a Polish immigrant who fought in the Revolutionary War as one of the Engineers. He is a hero in his own country as well and their descendents are responsible for ensuring his home is maintained in tribute.

This is a very simple layout. I based my color choice on the last sticker on a page of Revolutionary War embellishments. By focusing on the yellowish coat, I chose paper and used a new border maker to create decorative edges. I matted one photo to bring the page together though I probably should have added more mustard yellow touches. The yellowish journal box on the right helps a bit. I only had 3 stars left for the left border. Adding them to the right would have looked a little more symmetrical.

The last thing we did before the trip was over was to get a group photo. Or as many as were still around. A few people had already wandered away before we could get the photo taken.

This paper serves as a great base for the larger group photo. I did trim the 8x10 down to 5x10 by cutting away the excess road and sky (as I mentioned when putting multiple photos on the convention page). The remainder fit perfectly between the pre-decorated page elements, and I think was a good end to the trip.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Bonus post, but no layouts!

I've shared this technique with a couple of people and everyone thinks I should share it more widely, so I decided to throw in an extra post for the week. This is one step in organizing your memories. One thing I do is keep a calendar on the kitchen wall and as events happen, I jot a note on the calendar--vacations, parties, school events, anything that I'll want to remember. But that's just half of it, you also need to keep the bits and pieces that go with those events.

 You've probably noticed that I keep a lot of "ephemera" or memorabilia or, as I call it, scrapbook fodder! How to keep it all straight? I use plastic bins (see example below).

You'll want to get the transparent ones as I'll describe in a bit. So, beginning on January 1st I dedicate one box to the year (and so far I can get an entire year's worth of stuff in one box). As the year progresses, I toss everything in that box--ticket stubs, postcards, even Christmas cards that I want to save. At the end of the year, I put the final items in the box and then top it with the calendar! Because the calendar is on top (and I'm using transparent boxes) I can see at a glance which year is in each box (and I'm about 5 years behind so that's important).

So that's it! Fairly easy and inexpensive but worth the little bit of extra effort!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Centennial Part 7--Next stop!

Our second trolley stop was the Edgar Allan Poe site. Though a little closer to the Independence visitor center, it's still a longer walk and worked into this schedule nicely. Again we divided into subgroups to not overwhelm the site.
I associate Poe with all things spooky, so I chose this graveyard page to be the background for the site. The "Next Stop" was designed perfectly (red and black) but actually comes from a train layout page!

I actually visited with the rangers in lieu of touring so that I could ensure everyone saw the movie and took the tour. One of the rangers on duty had given me a tour at my previous visit, a fact that I proved to him by finding a photo of him in my phone! After our tour we stopped for lunch. The trolley dropped us off between Pat's and Geno's--classic Philly Cheesesteak rivalry.

So this layout is the other "halves" of the scrapbook kits I previously used. Remember the President's Dinner page with the "Q"? The left page here is the other side of that layout. I thought the background looked like wallpaper/paneling and matched the theme of the house.

On the right is the other half of the picnic page. The item in the bun WAS a hot dog, but since I needed to write about cheesesteaks, I carefully took it apart, chopped up the hot dog paper into chunks and layered them back in with the "mustard" color serving as cheese. I'm rather proud of myself for that move!