Friday, April 21, 2017

Oh say can you see?

As you may have guessed from the title, my next park visit is Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Jim and I were celebrating our 10th anniversary that weekend and he lovingly allowed me to include a park stamp experience as part of our celebration.

We watched the movie at the visitor center and then toured the fort. This was 2006 and the video was made....oh maybe in the 70's? It was very old and dated. Still, it got the message across and we enjoyed the tour of the fort. We especially enjoyed finding a crate of ammunition produced in Jim's hometown area.

OK, wallpaper on the left, but a much better balance of photos and pattern than Ben Franklin's birthday pages. Hey, the fort is all about the Star Spangled Banner. Is there any other paper I could have used? I think not. On the right are just simple photo mats and corners which balance the composition nicely.

Also on the right is the admission sticker they gave us when we entered the visitor center. At the end of the tour I saved it by mounting it in the passport and then cutting it out and mounting it on the page. Because this was a white sticker on a white background I outlined the sticker with a marker. These days "chalking ink" which is essentially a lightly inked stamp pad, works better to define the edges. I have always struggled with "staying in the lines" when I color and I can clearly see the corner problem I had with the marker.