Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Taste of the Big Apple

Time for my next installment which is a one-page layout of a trip my mom, sister Sue and I took to New York City in May 1998. This would have been a birthday trip as my mom and Sue share the same birthday in May. Unfortunately it rained ALL DAY and we had no other plans but to walk around the city. We started with a ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty. You can tell this is pre-9/11 because there was no security and no need for tickets as I recall. We simply got in line and waited our turn to walk up the statue. As you can see, we are all pretty wet. Still, it was a fun day.

In terms of the layout, there isn't much "technique" here other than some rain stickers--ok, a LOT of rain stickers. The blue accents bring out the chill of the day, so that worked well. It sort of looks like I stole a piece of the photo mat to make the title and in hindsight the photo would probably look better with a full mat. Additionally, I think I could improve the title strip a little--but overall I'm still happy with this layout.

Next up--a return to DC!