Friday, May 26, 2017

Generally speaking...

If you've been to Gettysburg you probably noticed that the visitor center also serves as the starting point for the Eisenhower National Historic Site. In October, 2007 Jim and I made a visit during my fall break. It was nice traveling on a Monday because there were no crowds to deal with. We did take time to walk through the museum at the visitor center (I have NEVER seen so many Civil War rifles in one cabinet before or since!) But the focus was really to visit a new park and to see the Eisenhower Farm.

This layout was made during my first "Virtual Crop" with Creative Memories. Using a Facebook page and their blog, Creative Memories would post a "challenge" and while working at home on my own I would create a page that fit the challenge and then upload a photo to their site.

The challenge was to copy one of their Design Team layouts. The company has changed websites and the original is gone, but a similar layout can be seen here: Click here to see the inspiration. To be thrifty I saved those punched out bits and used them to mount the title letters. I've said before that after a few uses, a sheet of sticker letters gets difficult to use because you are missing key letters. On this page I tried to use a salvage technique where I cut out around the outline of the remaining image on the sheet, mounted it on similar colored cardstock and then "fussy cut" around the letter before mounting it on the stamp. It was successful but I don't like the look of the residual white bits it generates.

The bottom right corner features a memorabilia pocket. Similar to the large ones I love for the brochures, this medium size one holds the ticket stub for our bus trip and tour. If you have an item that you are worried about putting in contact with your scrapbook pages, the pocket helps mitigate any acid that may leach to surrounding paper and photos.

I really enjoyed the house tour but didn't feel like we had enough time to see the grounds. The bus returns periodically and you are supposed to return on the next run but you would have to choose a later bus if you wanted to see more of the farm and the visitor center.

I used a multi-square block technique on the left page. I took a pack of 7"x7" paper I owned and cut an inch from two sides to create 6" squares. The 4 squares were mounted next to each other to create a background. Because my cuts weren't perfect there was a gap in the middle which I covered with a circle punch. It sort of looks like a sofa cushion button and I thought it worked well.  The other technique I like on this page is the journaling. I used a strip of plain cardstock, wrote out the journaling, and then cut it into strips and mounted it.

Again, being thrifty (and after all it IS called SCRAPbooking), I took one of the page remnants from the 7" papers to create the mounting square on the right page for the stickers and under one of the photos. Because of the memorabilia (house guide) taking up so much room on the page there wasn't room for much embellishment, but the stickers help revive that 50s-60s era feel.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Returning to my stomping grounds

This next layout is also from very close to my home town. Allegheny Portage National Historic Site is about 30 minutes north east of where I grew up. I'm guessing I probably went there on a school trip but I don't really remember it. I had stayed in the area for a state nurses meeting and chose to make the visit before heading back to Harrisburg.

The visitor center has a very small display area but I did like the steam engine that is reminiscent of one that pulled the canal boats to the top of the mountain. I walked the boardwalk to the Lemon House before heading home.

Although there is little decoration on this page (the only mat is under the journaling box and there is 1 corner triangle) I really like the layout. The "train track" on the bottom left page was made by taking 2 of the Creative Memories rick rack strips and turning them toward each other.

In this layout I took photos of the information signs about the 2 structures and included them on the page. More often I take photos so that I have the information to be able to scrapbook the page but it decreased how much I had to write here.

I like the addition of the USNPS stickers to the journaling box. Those are from the Eastern National scrapbook kit.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Some NPS sites are sadder than others.

This entry looks at a layout from my first visit to the Flight 93 Memorial in 2007. My mom and brother joined Jim and I for a Pirates game in Pittsburgh. My brother Joe left the next morning for his cross-country solo road trip while Jim, my mom and I headed back to Harrisburg. On the way I wanted to stop at the site not only because it is a National Park but because I grew up just north of here in South Fork. This is the literal representation of the phrase "Hitting close to home".

The site is a small red barn and a fence. Like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, people leave tributes and memorabilia at the fence which the rangers collect and categorize. They have the transcripts of the black box recorder and reading it is incredibly saddening. We stayed to hear a volunteer talk about the flight events. All of the benches have the names of the victims engraved along the backs. One of them had the last name of Corrigan (no relation that I know of).

This was a more difficult layout to create. Although it is patriotic it also had to be subdued so the background of dark red with a light stripe worked well to bring out the dark memorial stones.

In this layout I finally figured out what to do with the large tag stickers that Creative Memories created. In previous layouts I had tried to write on them but being glossy, the ink just wiped away. The words "Pride and Honor" were all on one line in a sticker but I cut them into 3 parts and attached them to the tag and voila--a mini title. Similarly, I used the "Home of the Brave" to begin the title box. I really brought the emotion out. Simple stickers of hearts and stars finish the detail.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

National Scrapbook Day!

Well, I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention that today is national scrapbook day. I hope you are working on NPS pages for NSD and if so I would like to see them. In that respect, I'll post another layout for this weekend. Here is a day trip Jim and I made to Assateague and Chincoteague Island.

Instead of heading to Atlantic Beach, NC for the family vacation, Jim's folks decided to stay closer to home in Ocean City MD. Jim and I took a day to get away and drove down to see the ponies. Not that we actually saw any, given our luck with wildlife.

Assateague Island is the National Park, Chincoteague is a National Wildlife Refuge but they share a unigrid. We only stopped at the Maryland side to get the stamps at the entrance center and spent most of our time at the Virginia side.

It's a fairly straightforward layout. The stripes on the top edges are simple design lines in red to help bring out the brickwork of the lighthouse. I purchased the die cut on the left and mounted it on blue not only to mimic the photo I took but because the white would have gotten lost on the page. This was a page done quite a few years ago and today I might have used chalking ink to dust the edges with a little color to help set it off from the page.

On the right the beach and pony stickers are from the National Parks scrapbook pack and really fill that space nicely. Sure more photo mats would make the page pop a bit but it's still a good composition.

Friday, May 5, 2017

This will take a little explaining

OK, so the next entry deals with a trip Jim and I made to the Poconos in March 2007. As you would expect, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground and to prove it, I'm going to include 2 layouts that illustrate this without actually including the national park entity. Here I am all bundled up at the sledding run across from our hotel.

The border on the right was from a class I took early on and I was happy to be able to use it finally. I don't get a lot of snow photos so I have plenty of decorations in stock ready to be deployed.

Below is another layout with us on the tubing run. Again the paper and border waited for me quite a while!

So, there's the proof that it was snowing. Here is the actual material from the National Park:

Well, I did say you can scrapbook without photos, just memorabilia. The postcards I picked up just didn't work with a snowy background so I chose a very rustic background paper in order to match the tone a little better.

We did drive through the park but with the weather (fresh snow falling) we didn't get to do much more than tour a visitor center. It's definitely a reason to go back. And maybe next time we'll go when it isn't snowing.